How to create an effective email drip strategy

E-mail marketing is still a popular choice for many web advertisers and for marketers. The problem with e-mail marketing is that it takes some time to build up a list of quality email contacts that you can use with all of your newsletter content and messages. Creating an e-mail drip strategy that you can use to collect contacts is a fantastic way that you can create an organic list of content for your email messages.

Here are some of the steps required before working on your email drip strategy:

Consider your objective: if your goal is to increase sales, create a series of messages that will be targeted to your sales page, if you have a message of getting people to provide feedback for new items in your inventory, this could be the focus of your emails.

Consider content:

Producing quality content before you start with your drip campaigns is important. There’s nothing worse than having whole contact list waiting for new content that you have promised to deliver. Work at building up a few different types of content so that you are well prepared for your marketing effort early.

Segmenting your market:

Your contacts they all have different objectives in mind. If you run a clothing store for example you may want to create a different e-mail list for men and women so that you end up marketing the right products to the right customer. Segmenting your content and sending out two different types of e-mail lists from your contact list can take some time to organize but it will make sure you see higher conversion rates and better engagement from customers.

Build a quality layout:

Work on design and fine tune the layout for your e-mail content that will be easy to read for everyone in your target market. Do a bit of testing and pick out a template that can be easily re-created and used for all of your e-mail content.

Consider some of these top objectives before you start collecting contacts for your email marketing strategy.

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