Top web design mistakes that will continue in any market

There are a number of top mistakes that occur in almost every element of web design. Even now with so many tools available for amateur and professional web designers, there are some top web design mistakes that seem to be in avoidable. Here are some of the top mistakes to watch for in web design and how you can prevent them:

Problems with UX:

Making a site easy to find isn’t going to necessarily make your website popular. UX mistakes in your site design including inadequate search, filters which don’t work or an overall repetition of info or backlinks will make your website to relevant. Some of the worst websites for this will have users consistently going back to the same homepage just so that they can try to find the info they were looking for many times over.

Problems with Info architecture:

When users are consistently presented with a number of hidden links or bombarded with an extensive amount of information on the same page, this can lead to a lot of content being missed. A vast number of web users have gotten into the habit of skimming content. This means website designers have to create a format for which headlines and broken up paragraphs can be used on many pages. A block of text is intimidating and if a site is designed with this type of information spread as a priority it can lead to problems with them being successful.

UI clarity propblems:

Website designers need to focus on building a clear path for their users. Lack of clarity in user interface design can sometimes lead to problems with people finding content, users discovering competing products on your website and problems with payment processing or sales.

Keep some of these top mistakes which are commonly placed in website design that can be easily fixed before launch.

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