Tips for designing a better user interface

Creating a website that easy to find is equally as important as building a website that’s easy to use. With the newest search engine standards of quality and streamlined user interface that is easy for people and search engine crawlers to navigate will help you capture top search engine spots. Here are some tips on designing a better user interface that you can carry over into your new website designs:

Check analytics:

Through analytics or testing you can check to see how people are using your current interface. By starting with a format that you enjoy or even just a template interface, you can see some weak points in navigation and make adjustments as needed. Record some of the direct interactions with your website and think about a natural flow for each one of these interactions for various processes. If you want someone to sign up for newsletter for example, you should make the process as simple as possible and also in the forefront of the navigation experience.

Check current web design standards:

User interfaces undergo various trend changes almost every few months. Whether it’s minimalist design or a focus on video content in the base design, take a look at some top design websites and consider these for some inspiration on today’s top UI experiences. Breaking from the bold bid is fine but users will not react well to extensive changes especially if there is a current trend in your market.

Expect mistakes with the first design:

Any type of user interface design will require extensive testing and troubleshooting. During the design process you should work to prevent various mistakes before they have a chance to happen as well as have the extra time available to fix these issues before having to release the design.

Keep these top tricks in mind for designing better UI with your websites.

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