How can you improve e-mail marketing engagement in 2017?

E-mail marketing is still an extremely powerful force that you can use to improve your website and gain new visitors. Finding more e-mail subscribers from your website and making sure that they end up actually opening the e-mails you send out is important.

Here are some strategies for improving the engagement that you receive from e-mail marketing efforts in 2017:

  • Offer a subscription box right away: Adding an opt in form in your order emails or even on the main page of your website is a great way to bring people back to your blog as well as ensure you have lots of new signups for the coming year. Improving your readership is a great way to start improving engagement.
  • Explain the advantages: Right by the signup form for any e-mail marketing campaign it’s extremely important that you explain what the subscription process will bring to customers. By offering them an advantage such as unique mailing lists, unique content, free giveways, discounts or even a members area it can be possible to improve the open rate of your e-mail as well as the number of subscribers. By explaining the advantages of your e-mail marketing effort to customers, they are more likely to read your e-mails and follow.
  • Customize them: a generic e-mail newsletter is never going to be exciting for anyone to read. By using advanced email scripting you can create e-mails that not only display the name of the user but reminisce to the database sign-up or recall the last thing that they order. These small touches in your e-mail newsletter can make them much more effective.
  • Make the content easy to read: Breaking up your e-mail newsletter with a survey or helpful info graphic can make sure that there is great info right inside the email rather than simply links to your website and web content.

Keep some of these ideas in mind as you are working on your e-mail marketing campaigns for 2017.

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