How can you increase e-mail revenue using content created by your users?

User generated content is becoming an extremely popular way that marketers are building content for a variety of areas. With e-mail marketing, there are many companies that are even using user generated content in their newsletters and offers. Here are some of the top ways that you can incorporate user generated content into your email marketing.

Publish your reviews in email marketing

If you’re going to be placing a product on sale you could consider adding in some of the reviews that were positive about that product. If you can find reviews or even social media share posts of users who are checking out your product or sharing/commenting on your content, this can make other people want to check it out.

Display images from social media

If you have people interacting with your company or brand in some way over social media, consider posting a full gallery of this in your email content. Whether you have just launched a new product at a trade show or people are sharing images interacting and wearing your product, this can get others intrigued if they see a gallery of images that include your branding.

Ask users to tell their story and include incentives

Have a contest asking users to tell their story of their interaction with your brand and what your brand means to them. Offer discount codes to anyone who is willing to submit a story and deliver a prize of a gift card for your brand or another store as a grand prize. Publish some of these top stories as a section in your email content and your users can speak and advertise your brand!

This type of content really resonates with people and it can help you to increase your revenue without having to spend extensive time in a content generation.