'No mean people' policy

We treat our customers like long-time friends, and we’ll go to the ends of the Earth to help out, no matter what the problem is. We promise to never be mean to you, and always be respectful, patient, and caring in all of our communications.

In return, we ask that you please not be mean to us. If you shout at, curse at, insult, or make threats against a member of our team, it will accomplish but two things:

  1. It will prevent the staff member you just attacked from being able to solve your immediate problems.
  2. It speaks volumes about your personal character, that you would try to hurt someone who is trying to help.

Don’t worry, if you’re mean to us, we won’t shut off your account the next chance we get. But we guarantee that you will receive a phone call from our management team, who may strongly urge you to find a new web host. As in, right now.

Why do we have this policy?

Simple. We pride ourselves in doing a great job each and every day, and caring for each of our customers as if they are family. There is simply no excuse for mean behavior in a progressive, forward-thinking business, whether within our staff or amongst our clientele. You chose to host with us because you felt we were better than our competitors. We wouldn’t be great if we hosted mean people. Our commitment to excellence begins by having respect for our coworkers and clients alike, but that respect ends with people who don’t respect others.

Stoute Web Solutions doesn’t like mean people. If you’re a mean person, please don’t sign up for service with us, because you won’t like working with nice people.

Seriously, we love helping. When you get on the phone with a member of our team, know that you’re in the very best care and we’ll do all we can to make you happy and successful. But please, also understand that we’re human and have feelings, too — it’s what enables us to care about your success and do our part in getting you there. See? We can all be nice. There’s no need to be mean. ?

By paying for hosting service, you agree to the terms outlined in this document.