COVID-19 Hardship Assistance Request

We understand that your business needs to stay visible online even though you may not be able to operate your business due to the restrictions in your area which may be hindering your business's normal operation.

Because of this, we wanted to make sure that your website will stay online and protected from hackers, malware, and security breaches during this hard time.

We're currently offering two different types of assistance:

  • Forbearance offers up to 24 months of payment deferment without any additional fees, just enough time for business to resume its normal operation and revenue.
  • Temporary cost reduction which will reduce your monthly payment to a level in which you can afford to make your payments on time each month and continue with your service. When you restore your payment back to the full retail rate it will resume at the current rate of the time of restoration.

While we'd like to offer this service to anyone who applies, we have to ensure that we can continue to maintain our service level so each application will be manually reviewed.

  • Forbearance - Up to 24 months of no payments and no late fees.
    Temporary Cost Reduction - A temporarily reduced rate for services provided. Services will restore at the current rate at the time of restoration.
  • 0-24 months
    Please enter a number from 0 to 24.