The Basics

Get acquainted with terminology, your product(s), and the basics of using support. is a powerful organization that can transform your businesses marketing efforts into a highly successful brand and getting started can feel a little overwhelming. We, get it. There's a lot to learn which is why we've outlined our process into 6 steps. Take 'em one at a time and work your way through it:

  1. Getting Started: Discovery
  2. Getting Started: The Roadmap
  3. Getting Started: Content
  4. Getting Started: Design
  5. Getting Started: Delivery
  6. Getting Started: Growth

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The Basics

What is Marketing, really?

Marketing at its core is making a connection with someone. This means that when you're out and about and hand someone your business card or if you host a Facebook Ad Campaign and received 1000 likes on your business page, you've made a connection.

Some of the best marketing campaigns are those that are simple, to the point, and evoke an emotional response from someone.

What we do at is determine the best way for your organization to make those connections with as many people as possible within your budget.

Every business is different so what works for one business may not work for another.

Of course, building a marketing plan for your business isn't just about making those connections, but also about having the right plan in place for a successful relationship.


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