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Do you prefer to have a control panel to manage your website? If so, then you'll feel right at home with our cPanel shared website hosting services.

We offer a variety of plans which will allow you to find a plan to fits your needs and still have the comfort of a full-featured control panel and 1-click software installs. 


Do you have a WordPress website? If so, then you'll love our managed hosting services. We have custom-built servers hosted on the Amazon cloud network specifically designed to run your WordPress website at it's best. We've taken the need for dedicated servers away for larger eCommerce websites and allow your business website to load as fast as possible.


Does your website require more resources than standard hosting or your typical cPanel shared hosting services? If so, then a dedicated server sounds like the perfect fit for your needs. We'll build a custom server just for you based on actual data and your needs so you're not paying for more server than you need but have plenty of resources for your website to perform at its best.

Not sure which option is a best fit for your business?

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's often difficult to determine what kind of service you need for your website but here are some quick tips to help you along this path.

  1. Does your website use WordPress?
    • We'd recommend Managed Hosting since it's specifically designed for WordPress websites.
  2. Do you sell things or take payment on your website?
    • If your website is also running on WordPress then we'd recommend a Managed Hosting solution. If it's not running on WordPress then a dedicated server might be your best bet to handle the additional resources your website requires. You can schedule a free consultation with our team to have us help you determine your actual needs. Book a call.
  3. Do you need HIPAA compliance?
  4. Is your website running slow on your current server?
    • If this is the case, we'll need a little more information before we can make a recommendation but we haven't seen a speed decrease when our clients have moved to our network from a previous provider.

When all else fails, if you're still not sure what route to go, we offer a free consultation call with one of our hosting experts who can point you in the right direction... even if it's not with us. We're here to help you whether you have our service or not.

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