Avoid these mistakes when writing holiday email content

If you are planning on creating a holiday marketing campaign for e-mail subscribers it’s very important that you do it in the correct way. Making some early mistakes in your holiday e-mail content can sometimes lead to a crippling in revenue over the holiday season. Here are some top mistakes that you should avoid in writing holiday email content.

Offering a sale or discount every day

Sales and discounts can be fairly frequent but they also need to be relatively special to draw your visitors into your site. Offering a discount or a sale every day is going to clutter your customer’s email inbox and won’t have the same level of attention grabbing impact that a really great sale every week or every few days could offer.

Adding pressure to your emails

People are stressed out enough during the holidays and they don’t need a consistent reminder that they have to pick up gifts or order gifts immediately. Putting a countdown timer in your e-mails for the last day to order for shipping can add extra stress and turn customers off.

Not keeping things generic

Using noninclusive wording like Christmas or Hanukkah deals can be a problem for many major retailers. Keeping the wording generic in your e-mails by using terms like the holiday season can be a great way that you can still appeal to the mass number of consumers who are going to be giving gifts over the season.

Not offering personalization

Using e-mail software that allows for some degree of personalization in every e-mail is important over the holidays. This can show your customers that they are important to your company and help your e-mail content get noticed. Customers are bound to be bombarded by many holiday campaigns over this time so some degree of customization and personalization can really go a long way.

Keep some of these mistakes in mind so that you can avoid them when crafting your holiday e-mail campaigns.