How to welcome a new employee and keep them productive from day one

Welcoming a new employee for your company can be a very difficult process. It can often take time for employees to adjust and to make sure that they can become effective from the very first day of their job. Here are some of the top ways that you can welcome a brand-new employee and keep them extremely productive from the first day of their job that your Overland industry company:

Start preparation: When someone starts with the team it’s extremely important that you spend time planning out their day. Look into even the smallest detail like how to refill the coffee maker and allot time to make them feel welcome and to show them around your company. If you are extremely rushed and unprepared it’s possible that a person can feel ignored on their first day so prepare at least a week before someone starts to have ample time to show them around and help them feel comfortable.

Have guides: Over the first week it’s important to consider having someone available as a mentor. Pick out some employees or even someone with experience in your company and set them up as a shadow or trainer for at least a few days.

Eat together: Decompressing and having a chance to go grab lunch together is a great way to hear their concerns as well as build an emotional bond in the workplace.

Include family: Going the extra mile as a boss and setting out an e-mail or a note with the employee home will help them to feel more connected to your company. Introduce yourself as a manager or owner and help the family feel more connected to your business.

Work on training materials: A video or even a standard training practice in your company can go a long way. Going through a process for your training will help you to make adjustments and have repeatable steps to help your new employee find a rhythm.

Keep some of these top tips in mind as a manager to help new employees feel more comfortable and productive on their first days.