How to improve your inventory management in your Overland business

Inventory management for a major part supplier or even a manufacturer can be one of the greatest sources of inefficiency within the Overland business. Without a proper inventory management system it’s possible that your business could simply be wasting hours every week which is magnified extensively through multiple employees and locations. Here are some top tips in improving your inventory management throughout the Overland business:

Pruning your inventory: Sometimes there’s a chance where you can identify patterns in your industry. If there are a number of parts that you don’t regularly sell there’s no reason why you should keep them readily available. Creating an area with the most sold products and potentially a warehouse with the leasehold products can help to speed up the process of selling items.

Including training: There may be a number of employees that find it difficult to use your electronic inventory management system. Retraining these employees or regularly providing tutorials on these systems can often be far less expensive than scrapping the system altogether or going back to pen and paper inventory tracking.

Loss of data: Make sure that every type of inventory tracking within your business is backed up in some way. One of the best ways that you can prevent the loss of data is to use cloud-based inventory tracking which is available on multiple devices. This cloud-based solution for your Overland business will be available at all times and with minimal chance of data loss. (Pro tip: We use FreeTek Computing for our remote monitoring and backups)

Inaccuracies in data: One of the best ways that you can improve inaccuracies with your inventory tracking involves using a barcode system. Many of the top inventory tracking software today utilizes barcodes and QR codes as well as mobile phones. These can be easy to implement and they can even connect with accounting software to help with financial tracking too.

Keep these ideas in mind if you are trying to improve your inventory management solutions within the Overland industry.