Top logo design tips for your Overland business

While working on the image for your business or your website it’s extremely important that you present a unified logo that symbolizes the type of products that you’re going to be selling. In the Overland business there are a number of common design trends that run from including beautiful landscapes, four-wheel-drive parts and even deep mud. Here are some other current design trends that you can follow to create a more modern logo that’s easy to share over social media and your marketing materials:

Looking at the feelings attached to your products: If you make a great hitch for example, stick to the heritage of your brand. Even if you have aspirations to expand into other products, trusting in some of the first products that you created will help you create a simpler brand that’s much more defined.

Focus on typeface: Typefacing in your logo can be a huge part of your identity. Choosing a nice clean font or even designing your own unique font for the use of your logo can create a very powerful image. Many logos for the Overland industry include gritty and rough fonts that can symbolize landscapes waiting to be tamed.

Include your own personality: if the goal of your company is to appeal to the luxury market consider using golden colors or even a very refined font. If you want to appeal to the younger generation you should consider following in the steps of companies that are appealing to this demographic with your logo. Brighter colors and more modern fonts could be the secret. Including the personality of your company and the brand you are trying to cultivate in your logo can get you noticed much faster.

Keep it simple: an overly convoluted logo is going to work as a detriment to your company. You will want a symbol or a symbol and simple text that can be recognizable from a long distance or on a quick webpage scroll.

Keep some of these top logo design tips in mind for your Overland business.