What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is the exact opposite of inbound, where the tactics often involve “yelling” at potential customers to get them to check out your offer. Outbound practices can include cold emails, cold calls, display advertising, SEM. Typically, outbound marketing is a viable strategy when your business is looking for a quick win – getting a really nice offer out there for a large chunk of people to see quickly.

Some forms of outbound marketing, such as cold or spam emailing, are largely frowned upon and can really damage your business’ credibility. When taking an outbound approach, be absolutely 100% sure that the content or offer you’re promoting is interesting to your audience and very well targeted.

Examples of the types of clients which often see success with this digital marketing tool: temporary or seasonal businesses tend to do well with outbound efforts, as they often do not have the time to build an effective inbound campaign

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