Top tips for writing more interesting email marketing messages

The way that we design e-mail marketing content is essential to making sure that the content is opened and accessed with ease. When it comes to creating more interesting e-mail marketing messages it’s extremely important that you follow some of these top tips for writing improved email messages as a marketer:

Work on titles extensively:

A quality title or subject line is going to be the first focal point in any e-mail newsletter. Without a catchy title or subject line it’s likely that your e-mail newsletter won’t even be opened. Do some research into past titles in your e-mail newsletter that had a high click through rate and consider emulating some of their titles.

Focus on quality rather than quantity:

Releasing content every day may not be as valuable as releasing one quality piece of content every week. By focusing on an e-mail newsletter that can add real value to the lives of your readers or improve customer experience, you can produce a piece of content which is professional and opened at a reasonable rate.

Build unique content:

Create newsletter content that truly speaks to the readers and asks for their feedback. Remain accessible to your newsletter readers and gives an advantage to signing up for your newsletter. Consider running an e-mail script that will import their name or create an email which is unique to their username.

Make sure its digestible:

There is nothing worse than opening your e-mail to be presented with a wall of text. Breakup your format with plenty of subheadings, bulleted points and potentially an infograph. For longer articles you can also create webpages that users could click through to read the whole story.

Build a schedule:

When you are committed to delivering an e-mail message on a schedule, you can deliver consistency your readers. If you are producing valuable content, people will look forward to reading your newsletter and this means keeping a regular schedule for release.

Keep these top tips in mind for newsletter improvements!

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