Some top shortcuts you can use with google analytics

You may regularly use Google analytics to track your search engine advertising, page visits and more. What many website owners don’t realize however is that there are a number of excellent shortcuts available within Google analytics that can help you to improve the quality of your website and speed up statistical analysis on your marketing campaigns. Here are some top shortcuts to remember with your Google analytics reports:

Building alerts:

You can set up e-mail alerts and props for a number of error messages including 404 messages. This means that if there is ever an area on your website which is inaccessible or if your website ever goes down, you can have an instant alert when the site is no longer accessible for your potential customers.

Checking the most use devices:

Google analytics will show you the types of devices that you should be optimizing your website experience for. By checking a reference to see whether you are most visited by desktop users, tablet users or mobile users you can work on UI improvements for each platform so that you can better appeal to markets that are going to be using your website most frequently.

Checking content access times:

Planning the future of your content releases really involves finding the ideal and peak periods where people are checking your sites. Google has a calendar function where you can see a visualization of the times were your pages most accessed. Following these times to schedule your future posts will help to make sure you can get the most out of your content responses.

Keep some of these top three Google analytics shortcuts in mind for your marketing effort. Using these built-in tools can be a very popular way that you can improve your site for the future.

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