How can you speed up your website to improve conversion rates?

When most people think about conversion and website design they are often interested in pure SEO values and content. Having a quality design that is also well optimized could potentially improve your website conversions as a marketer as well. Page speed can do a lot for your search engine ranking as well as the number of people that are going to be visiting your website regularly.

Google has completed studies on page speed and it’s estimated that just a one second delay in your page load time can result in 11% fewer page views. This could mean a huge dip in your advertising revenue and an even greater loss in conversion rates.

Major websites like Amazon have found that they were able to increase their revenue by 1% for even a 100 ms improvement in their site loading speed.

If you are interested in speeding up your website to improve your conversion rates on sales and to acquire more visitors here are some strategies you can use:

  • Minimize your HTTP requests: around 80% of the time that it takes your page to load is the rendering process which is completed through HTTP requests. Work at streamlining the elements of your webpage that need to load, consider creating one stylesheet instead of multiple styles for your page, reduce the number of running scripts on your page and try to use CSS images for website content.
  • Check server status: using the Google page speed tool you can test the response time of the server that you are using. Based off of this response time after optimizing your website you may want to consider changing the service you are using.
  • Use compression: quality compression on all of your images, video content and more can make the process of loading your pages much easier, especially on mobile devices. Taking the time to optimize all images and large video content will really help speed your page.

Keep some of these top web design strategies in mind for speeding up your website and improving conversion rates.

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