How can you make your WordPress article stand out against the tens of millions published each month?

WordPress estimates that over 65 million articles are published on their platform almost every month. When you are starting your own WordPress blog or maintaining a page for your company it’s extremely important that you have a strategy to make sure that your content can stand out against the competition. In a sea of new content it can be difficult to make sure that your page ranks well and receives a decent readership.

Here are some excellent strategies you can use for WordPress blogging and management so that your content can stand out in the crowd:

  • Build your headlines and descriptions well: headlines and descriptions are often crafted with the idea of producing a clickbait title or remaining as optimized as possible for search engines. Create a headline and a title that search engines can pick up but that people will be attracted to read as well. Don’t simply create a meta-tag or title that will draw people in either, users are becoming extremely skeptical of clickbait so your title needs to remain factual and about your article.
  • Do a bit of testing: the good news about social media and your mailing list is that this is an audience that’s extremely loyal to your niche and your brand. They also serve as an excellent test audience. Posting a title for a blog to twitter or as a headline in an email could be a great way to test out several different titles so that you can find a wording that attracts to the most new users.
  • Find your voice: creating a distinctive brand for your blog and maintaining the same type of writer’s voice throughout your content will make original and easy to spot online. Spend real time creating your blogs and content so that you can produce a distinct voice.
  • Consider promotion: If you find content that works very well at bringing people into your website, you should consider promoting it on other websites or potentially using ads to promote that content. Paying for ads or promoting one page of your blog can be a great way to make sure that the content which is voted most interesting, is doing its job to attract new users.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for helping your WordPress article stand out against the massive amount of articles published each month.

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