Could the next marketing platform in tourism be trip advisor?

With so many restaurants hotels and tour companies finding their livelihood from major review sites like Google reviews today, it can be difficult to compete with other companies if you are just starting out. Trip advisor has recently suggested that they are offering a new page design including subscription-based ad purchases for hotels, restaurants and tours on their platform.

This could be revolutionary news for businesses that are highly rated on trip advisor and interested in appealing to a new market. Using the same principles as Google ad words it may now be possible to purchase a subscription-based ad platforms that will auto renew just like on google.

For PPC marketers and regular search engine marketers this type of tool could present a huge business advantage. If hotels are already paying for a subscription-based package for ads on Google and other websites, they may need to also purchase restaurant and hospitality ads on trip advisor as well.

The new business platform will give to her operators or restaurant owners the chance to favorite a review near the top of their profile page. They can also choose the top photos that they would like posted on their trip advisor profile. This level of customization can create a fully featured profile that showcases only the best in reputation management.

Extra analytics will also be available as part of the premium service. Adding some extra marketing might for anyone that regularly checks the trip advisor reviews. Improved competitor data as well as engagement tools will help trip advisor to become a fully fledged tourism search engine that will have some huge marketing potential for anyone on the platform.

Although the new platform is still in testing it’s only a matter of time before these insights will be brought out to market. Check back often to learn more about these new marketing tools as they develop.

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